Knowing Our Father

Knowing Our Father

“Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength;
they will mount up with wings like eagles.
They will run and not get tired,
they will walk and not become weary.”
Isaiah 40: 31 (KJV)

            I grew up in Baltimore.

            Early on, I recognized my mother was obsessed with alcohol. My father went to great lengths to try to stop her addiction without letting anybody know it existed. He shielded me as best he could, but that left little time for much else.

            I never really knew my father.     

            I went off on my own, and found a group of friends at a church. I listened as the rector gave his sermons. He spoke of God watching over each one of us. That sounded pretty good, but then he warned us not to sin or we would go to Hell. After that, I figured I should do whatever I could to stay under God’s radar so He wouldn’t zap me.

            I didn’t really know my Heavenly Father either.

            Many years passed before I found my loving wife, Ellie. Together, we found an active Episcopal Church that introduced us to Cursillo, a weekend course on Jesus Christ, and our eyes were opened.

            We discovered that God’s love and compassion are boundless. He is slow to anger and eager to forgive. He gives lavishly and pleads with us to take the very best. He always has time, and He always understands. Truly knowing God, who in their right minds would ever choose to stay under His radar?

            Through Jesus Christ, both Ellie and I became acquainted with our Heavenly Father, and the more we knew Him, the more we wanted to be like Him.

            As a result, both Ellie and I have enjoyed being on numerous Cursillo teams where we helped others get to know Christ in depth. When we came to Naples and St. John’s, we found St. Matthew’s House and Stephen Ministry where we worked helping people with the bumps in the road.

            Through daily prayer, Bible study and small group discussions, our Heavenly Father gives us new strength and empowers us to mount up with wings like eagles. Thanks be to God!  Tony Leigh