Senior Warden

Donna Beecher

Donna Beecher “found” St. John’s the first Sunday she visited Naples in 2013.  She sings in the choir, teaches Godly Play, participates in Bible studies, enjoys FOYERS dinner groups, helps with Vacation Bible School, is a part of our Good News Club at Gulf Coast Charter elementary school, and has served on the Vestry since 2017. [ “Off campus” she is a children’s teacher in the Naples class of Community Bible Study.]  Donna’s personal goals for St. John’s are engagement…
Junior Warden

Brent Gulliot

I returned to Naples in 2016 to pursue my passion for Landscape Architecture and the beauty of the Everglades.  Shortly after the move, my daughter Vanda and I joined the St. John’s congregation.  We have felt the love and closeness with God that makes St. John’s our family’s home.  My extended family is deeply rooted in Holy Comforter, a small church in Lecompte, Louisiana.  Being a fifth-generation parishioner, in 2015 I contributed over 200 hours of design and personal labor…