In the Chilean village of Chungungo water is a valuable commodity.  The area is very parched, forcing villagers to truck in water from miles away, with most people only able to afford 4 gallons a day.  Bathing became a luxury!!  Scientists began to experiment with a new water collection system involving finely woven propylene netting.  The nets were set up in the mountains and designed to sift water from the numerous clouds that swept in from the Pacific Ocean.  Each net collected 40 gallons of water per day, with 75 nets bringing in 3,000 gallons of water daily.  The village’s water problem was solved thankfully!

Sometimes our hearts and lives can feel like an arid and parched desert.  Dried out, lifeless, in desperate need of spiritual water, we go through the motions of life, yet lack spiritual vitality.  One of the great ways to fill the spiritual reservoirs of our souls is to give praise and thanks to God.

We read in Ps.22:3 that “God inhabits the praises of his people.”  To inhabit means to take up residence or dwell.  What this means is our Lord is especially present as we give him praise and thanks.  That is why during times of praise and worship, many have felt a sense of connection and renewal with God, because God’s spirit is filling up the spiritual reservoir of their soul.  

What does this mean for our lives?  It’s important we make time for daily and corporate worship, primarily because God is worthy and we need it!!  We’ve been created to worship because it is one of the ways in which we’re energized for life.  


Soon we will be celebrating Thanksgiving, enjoying the blessings of family, friends and food.  But why wait until then?  Start giving thanks right now.  I encourage us to take time each day to praise and worship God, to renew our commitment to corporate worship, to write down who and what we are thankful for and share that with God and others.

Allow praise, thanksgiving and worship to take root in your soul and behavior this month, that you may be spiritually watered in your desert places.