Vestry Approves Outreach Grants

Vestry Approves Outreach Grants

The St. John’s Vestry has approved $50,000 in grants for this year’s Outreach
for national/ international giving:

CCO – Coalition for Christian Outreach
Nationwide organization working through local charities in making witnesses out of college students to create discoples who follow Jesus Christ in every area of their lives.

Emmanuel Community Aleppo

Provide seed money for new business ventures in Aleppo to aid in rebuilding this Christian community along with ongoing donations for the sustenance of the poor in this community.

Michael and Kristen Maiocco – Israel

Provide funds for housing in Israel for this year while they attend educational programs and do missionary work.

Ned and Sky Derrickson -Turkey
Missionaries thru Community Vision International -provide living costs along with health insurance.

Gary Fusco – India

Christian counselor and missionary in India. Creating opportunities to reach and teach the Christian faith thru various resources to Muslims.

Samaritan Health Center Cape Coral, Florida

Is an integrated primary care behavioral health clinic with pastoral counseling on site. The professionals working at Samaritan serve the uninsured and under insured in Southwest Florida in a Christ centered envi­ronment.