OSL Training

OSL Training

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday {March 11, 12, 13) the Order of St. Luke held a training class for all those who wished for a deeper knowledge of prayer and healing.

Fr. Joe led this class with his mastery of word and divine intervention. There were 22 people from 11 different churches and denominations that at­tended the three days. The classes covered 26 miracles of Jesus from the Bible. Each of these heal­ings were read through and discussed because each time there was something different in the way Jesus performed His miracles. The miracles included healing blind­ness, deaf-mute, leprosy and raising of the dead! These miracles continue to happen today!

The St. John’s OSL chapter was there each day in support of Fr. Joe. When it came time for the practicum part of the training, OSL members went to each of the four groups to help them with any questions or concerns they may have had as they prayed for the first time for someone. It was an experience that you cannot describe in words. To watch the faces of these new members as they realized that our Lord, Jesus Christ, would be there with them when they pray was something I will never forget.

The installation ceremony took place immediately after finishing the 26th miracle. This included each person being prayed for and receiv­ing their OSL pin and healing balm. They are all ready “to go out into this tired and hurting world with strength and gladness, for there are deeds of courage and com­passion that will not be done unless YOU do them and there are words of hope and healing that will not be done unless YOU do them.

The Order of St. Luke con- tinues to be a strong pres- ence in our church and city. If anyone is in need of prayer or would like to know more about the OSL, please contact the church office or Vickie Bauch or Katy Ester­line. Peace and Blessings (By Vickie Bauch)